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move on to another love.: Handy Art Link Megapost


I take no credit for any of this, all I did was assemble them togetha’.

Hellooo friends, I was just handed a couple of useful links from a talented friend, and seeing some posts on Facebook and around the…

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“Hands Tutorials for Those Who Hates Drawing Them” 

Original can be found on Pixiv, I just translated it. I figured it can be helpful to some.

Here’s a combined version for those who prefer one giant tutorial.


omg this is wonderful

 reblogging for reference

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Practice Makes Perfect: phoenixglass: 102 Resources for Fiction Writerskickingshoes:...


102 Resources for Fiction Writers





Are you still stuck for ideas for National Novel Writing Month? Or are you working on a novel at a more leisurely pace? Here are 102 resources on

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Every artist who sees this post should do the following:

- Watch the video.

- Follow the instructions

- Reblog

I can’t stress you enough about how important these exercises are for your drawing hand. You don’t wanna get CTS of Tendonitis and similar stuff that will prevent you from making art or even hold  a pencil.

How appropriate as I was just having to roll my wrists at times on Sunday night. (Only from typing and such though.) Personally I already knew the carpal tunnel exercises, but not the tendonitis ones. Still cool to see.

This is helpful for anyone who uses their hands predominantly on a daily basis, in their work, etc.!

- J



Everything they teach about Egypt in most schools is distorted. The people of Egypt called their country Kemet not Egypt. Kemet means black land. Egypt is a Greek concept. Egypt is derived from the Greek word Aegyptos. The greeks called the kemetians  language hieroglyphs, but the people of Kemet called their language Medu Neter. Even the names we learn of the gods are wrong. Isis Kemetic name is Aset. Anubis is Anpu. Horus is Heru. Osiris is Wesir. I’m doing research to find as many of the true Kemetic  names that I can. 

i posted this 4 months ago and it has gotten over a 1,000 reblogs…So i’m sendin it back into rotation. Power of knowledge !!

The Greeks also messed up when they interpreted the religious system. The worship of one God in many forms is the deal. Not multiple Gods. They did not worship the Sun, it was the manifestation of God in the sun, the water, the moon ect. What each element represented.

Europeans Messed Up.. Again

Oooh, this is interesting °-°

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