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Great picture :’)

Oh, are we making a list of things irrelevant to the abortion debate and about which no fucks are given?

Well, in that case, I’m also glad my mother chose to give birth to me.

And unlike the child in the above photo, I actually do think that and am not merely carrying a sign my parent made and then tied to me in order to use me as a piece of human propaganda.

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    What is sick about a little girl being happy her mother didn’t kill her? What’s horrendous about a woman deciding to...
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    This is absolutely sick and horrendous. If you can’t determine why, I’m not going To try and convince you. This is so...
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    Funny… when people see pictures of children at feminist rallies and such, they’re all like, “Don’t use your kid to...
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    I am so happy I grew up in a household where everyone understands that their views shouldn’t be forced upon anyone else...
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    All of the above. On the part of putting a sign over your kid’s head as propoganda, I have a parent who does that. My...
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    ^I love Tumblr commentary.
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    Wanna know how I learned about choice? I asked my mother why anyone would not be pro-life? Who would be pro-death was...
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    Eh, I’d prefer if I had been aborted. (Seriously.)
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    Nothing makes me more angry than anti-choicers using the children they’re supposedly so protective of as walking...
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    *actually, I could kill you now*
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    If I had a sign like this, it would say “I realize it wasn’t my mother’s choice to have me, so instead I will resent the...