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Parent, your kid is actually trying to practice a talent, a skill. You may not think the arts are worth anything but you as a parent are failing your child right now by speaking to them that way. It is you who are dragging the world down.

If a parent has said anything like this to you, take to heart they are wrong. If you are passionate about something, keep at it. All skills and trades are more than welcome and the last thing we need is more negativity. 

This sounds like my dad. He said the same exact things almost word for word when I was in art school. And people wonder why I don’t stay in contact with my family.

Her speech patterns are very similar to that of my mother.

They have completely different voices, but the inflections and the use of rhetorical questions and the insinuations are very much the same.

wowee what a huge cunt!  comparing watching TV to playing a guitar… i can’t believe that.

my mom at least tried to encourage my talents… while telling me to never pursue them seriously because i would inevitably fail because no one gives a shit about art.

That’s horrible. D: My parents really didn’t welcome my interest in art either. They always told me I would end up homeless.

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    Check out this kid’s YouTube channel. 500,000 views? Mike’s mom can eat shit.
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    she’s such a bitch! why did she have to keep coming back? almost as if she was trying to crush his dreams some more!!!
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    oh look it’s my entire family embodied into one single person. wow.
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    Life as a musician is hard. I think everyone has an experience like this, which is unfortunate because this is mostly...
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    That’s horrible. D: My parents really didn’t welcome my interest in art either. They always told me I would end up...
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    Oh my god, not okay, seriously not okay, this woman is an awful person! Why would you say this sort of stuff to your...
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    My heart just hurts
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    Wow this is exactly how my parents act towards me at least every other day and just hearing it is God, just.. eugh.
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    Uhm. Excuse me, ma’am, but the artists and musicians of the world are the ones that will change it. They don’t do...
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    wow, what the actual fuck. Why don’t you be glad that your kid actually has a passion for something instead of...
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