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Huge Ass List of First Names and Nicknames


I put this together for NYC and thought I’d share.

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landscape speedpaint tutorial by oione

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I would meet this dog in the fucking pit

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After making the long haul from racially segregated Detroit, Michigan to Southern California, I thought I would find solace in what I perceived to be the culturally diverse folds of my new home. Enrolling in a private university, I was eager to join scores of students from different cultural backgrounds. What I found was nearly the complete opposite.

No one could mentally prepare me for the racial jokes, underhanded discrimination, or even unfiltered comments from White students who would occasionally preface their curiosities with “I’ve never seen a Black person before…” I had relocated from one non-racially diverse space to another and this started to take a toll on my psyche.

Before I even graduated, I suffered a complete meltdown. I wasn’t sure how to come to terms with who I was, because I didn’t know where in American society I belonged. I managed to become everything the media had wanted me to be: smart, funny, creative, down-to-earth, all tossed in with a touch of sarcasm. But then, while spending an evening with a drunken colleague, she blurted out something to the effect of, “You’re such a cool girl. Too bad you aren’t White. If you were you could rule the world.” There it was, spoken aloud.

I Will Never Be “The Girl Next Door”

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Hayao Miyazaki on life

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Worst playground ever.

what the actual FUCK

the new human centipede looks weird

did the old human centipede look normal to you or

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